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❤️❤️ JASON IS HERE ❤️❤️

Cassy Maria’s Review of The Consequence of Rejection

JASON IS HERE!!!! I cannot tell you as to how happy I am that Jason’s book was released! Not only is it the perfect booked in every possible way, we also get to catch up with our favourite lovable troublemaker Max!

Madly has returned home after being away for ten years, and now has come face to face with the man she left behind Jason Caro.

Jason was ready to spend forever with Maddy, she was the love of his life until she walked away from him ten years ago with one of his best friends. Jason along with some help from the one and only Max will try to win back Maddy and try to forgive what’s happened in the past.

Let just start off by saying that Rachel is genius by creating Max & Jason, I mean all the characters really but the bromance between the two is priceless; even though Jason tries to fight it. The Consequence of Rejection is non stop laughs (when Max is involved there are always laughs) but the back story between Maddy and Jason is what really pulls on your heart strings. The Consequence of Rejection is a stand alone but is probably best read in order so not to spoil any of the other books in this amazing series. I LOVED this book and I am so happy we finally got Jason’s story.

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